UNS Titan Freshwater Aquarium LED Light

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A premium LED lighting solution for freshwater planted aquariums. With a sleek design and slim profile, its RGB technology brings an aquascape to life with intensified coloration for aquatic plants and fish. World-class Epistar RGB LED bulbs are used in Titan 1 to bring aquascapes to life with intensified coloration for aquatic plants and fish. With a color temperature ranging from 9,000 – 12,000k, Titan 1 is extremely effective in the promotion of photosynthesis in aquatic plants and increased water clarity. Titan 1’s wider design produces consistent light spread into an aquarium, maximizing efficiency.  A total of 200 RGB LED bulbs are jam-packed into the Titan 1 with a flat diffuser, enhancing aquarium light uniformity. As a result, aquatic plants absorb light effectively, producing even growth across the board. LED technology emanates very little heat when compared to dated lighting sources such as metal halide lamps and fluorescent bulbs. Titan 1’s minimal heat dispersion results in a steady water temperature of the aquarium below. With its precision cut heat dissipation fins exposed, any heat that is produced is dissipated readily and efficiently. The result is a long-lasting and energy saving aquarium LED light.

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