Frequently asked questions

All LIVESTOCK orders will be shipped out on MONDAYS and TUESDAYS.

Any DRY GOOD orders will be shipped out from Monday through Thursday depending on when your purchase is completed.

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We're always bringing in new and exciting products. Our inventory stays on its toes, adapting quickly to the latest trends and customer preferences. Staying flexible with stock allows us to stay ahead, meet demands, and deliver the best to our customers in this fast-paced marketplace.

Here are the conditions that must be met in order to be eligible for our DOA claim:

1. The package must be received on the first delivery attempt.

2. (a) If any livestock show up DOA, you must leave the packaging it is in sealed/unopened.

(b) Take a video of the DOA livestock in the unopened bag it arrived in to be eligible for the DOA claim. Opening the packaging that any product arrives in, ends the arrival period and indicates that all products have arrived in an acceptable condition.

3. All claims and video files must be received within 24 hours of the package's first arrival to the buyer's address. Videos must be sent to Failing to provide a claim or video file to the above email address therefore voids any eligibility for a DOA claim.

All valid DOA claims will be replaced with the same species fish or given credit towards your next store order (unless stated otherwise).

No money refunds will be issued for DOA livestock (unless stated otherwise).

Shipping charges are not covered by DOA policy.

Return Policy:

1. All livestock purchases are non returnable, due to the complex packaging procedures and precautions needed to ship them.

2. All dry-good purchases may be returned if unopened. If the packaging for any dry goods have been opened but unused, it may still be eligible for return.

(a) Dry goods that have been opened and unused may be returned if it is able to be returned back exactly the same as it was received.

(b) If seeking to return any dry good product, the buyer must provide a video of whatever it is they are attempting to return to

(c) Our team will then provide you with the information of whether or not you are eligible for a dry good return.

3. If any dry good product has been used, damaged, or altered in any noticeable way, it is no longer eligible for a return.

4. We have NO control over any product that has been lost, damaged, or delayed due to POSTAL SERVICES, therefore we are NOT responsible if any of these rare occasions may occur.

Shipping costs are not covered for any returns.

Returns will result in store credit towards a future purchase (unless stated otherwise).

We take great joy in meeting our customers' needs. All suggestions or requests by our customers are taken with great consideration. Please feel free to let us know any requests through contacting and our team will help you at our earliest opportunity to.

No, the pictures shown for all inventory are just examples of the products we carry.

There are certain fish that we carry where it would be possible for our team to make an expert judgement on whether or not that fish is male or female. However, the fish's gender is not 100% guaranteed due to the fact majority of fish we carry are still juvenile and harder to come to a 100% accurate answer on.

There are also certain fish where we will not be able to accept requests for them to be of a certain gender.

If ever there is a need for you to contact us in regards to anything relatable to the store please email us at We will be sure to get back to you and help you to our greatest capability.