Seachem Flourish Nitrogen

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  1. Critical Nitrogen Source: Flourish Nitrogen is formulated to supply a bioavailable form of nitrogen, a vital nutrient required for protein synthesis, chlorophyll production, and overall plant development.

  2. Promotes Lush Plant Growth: Nitrogen is a key component in the formation of amino acids and proteins, supporting the growth of robust stems, leaves, and roots. Flourish Nitrogen enhances the overall health and vitality of aquarium plants.

  3. Prevents Nitrogen Deficiencies: In planted aquariums with nitrogen-deficient conditions, Flourish Nitrogen helps prevent symptoms such as stunted growth and yellowing leaves (chlorosis), ensuring that your plants receive the necessary nitrogen for optimal health.

  4. Easy-to-Use Liquid Formula: The liquid formulation allows for convenient and precise dosing, ensuring that your plants receive the necessary nitrogen supplementation without the risk of overdosing.

  5. Compatible with Flourish Line: Flourish Nitrogen seamlessly integrates with other products in the Seachem Flourish line, providing a comprehensive approach to plant care and nutrition.

  6. Suitable for Planted Aquariums: Flourish Nitrogen is ideal for use in planted aquariums with a diverse range of plant species, providing a tailored nitrogen supplement to meet the unique needs of your aquatic plants.

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