Red Devil Vampire Crab

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  1. Habitat: Red devil vampire crabs (Geosesarma hagen) require a semi-terrestrial environment with access to both water and land.

  2. Tank Size: Provide a minimum tank size of 10 gallons (38 liters) for a small group. Larger tanks are preferable for a more natural environment and better water quality.

  3. Temperature and Humidity: Maintain a warm and humid enclosure with temperatures around 75-85°F (24-29°C) and humidity levels at 70-80%.

  4. Diet: Feed them a varied diet of aquatic and terrestrial foods, including high-quality crab pellets, live or frozen insects, and occasional fruits or vegetables.

  5. Water Quality: Maintain brackish water conditions, replicating their natural habitat with partial saltwater and freshwater, ensuring proper filtration and water quality.

  6. Tank Mates: Red devil vampire crabs are territorial and aggressive, making them best suited for a species-only setup. It is not advisable to house them with other crab species or small, peaceful aquatic species to avoid conflicts and aggression. If multiple red devil vampire crabs are kept, gender segregation or individual housing is recommended to prevent territorial disputes.

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