Fluval Bug Bites

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Fluval Bug Bites, the nutritious and protein-packed fish food that takes inspiration from insects, the natural diet of many fish species. This high-quality formula is crafted with a diverse blend of sustainably sourced ingredients, including Black Soldier Fly Larvae as a primary protein source.

Bug Bites caters to the dietary needs of both freshwater and saltwater fish, providing essential nutrients, minerals, and amino acids for optimal health and vibrant colors. The carefully selected ingredients contribute to digestibility, promoting less waste and cleaner water in your aquarium.

Whether you have tropical or marine fish, Fluval Bug Bites offers a well-balanced and species-specific diet, reflecting Fluval's commitment to quality nutrition for your aquatic companions. Treat your fish to the goodness of nature with Fluval Bug Bites and witness the vitality and color enhancement they deserve.

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