Seachem MetroPlex 5g

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Seachem MetroPlex is a versatile and effective medication specifically designed to treat a variety of external and internal protozoan and bacterial infections in aquarium fish. Developed by Seachem, a respected name in the aquarium industry, MetroPlex offers a reliable solution for common ailments such as gill diseases, skin lesions, and certain types of parasitic infections.

The active ingredient in MetroPlex is metronidazole, known for its efficacy against protozoan parasites, and it is combined with a secondary ingredient, praziquantel, which targets certain worm infections. This dual-action formula makes MetroPlex a comprehensive treatment for a range of conditions affecting both freshwater and marine fish.

MetroPlex comes in a powdered form, allowing for easy and accurate dosing. The medication is designed to be easily absorbed, making it an effective choice for treating both internal and external infections. Aquarium hobbyists appreciate MetroPlex for its convenience and the brand's commitment to producing high-quality products for aquatic health.

Whether dealing with conditions like hexamita, hole-in-the-head disease, or other protozoan and bacterial issues, Seachem MetroPlex is a trusted solution that aids in the recovery and well-being of aquarium fish when used as directed.

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