Seachem Focus 5g

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Seachem Focus is a specialized bonding agent designed to anchor medications to fish food. Developed by Seachem, a well-known name in the aquarium industry, Focus provides a practical solution for effectively delivering medication to fish in a targeted manner. This innovative product is particularly useful in situations where it is challenging to administer medication directly into the water.

The unique formulation of Seachem Focus allows fish medications, such as antibiotics or parasitic treatments, to adhere to fish food. This ensures that when the medicated food is consumed by the fish, the medication is ingested directly, effectively treating internal infections or parasites. Focus is versatile and compatible with a variety of medications, offering aquarium hobbyists a flexible and efficient approach to addressing specific health issues in their fish.

Easy to use and reliable, Seachem Focus provides a targeted treatment method for internal fish ailments, minimizing stress and maximizing the effectiveness of the medication. It is a valuable tool for aquarists looking to maintain the health and well-being of their fish in a controlled and precise manner.

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