Seachem Flourish

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  1. Micronutrient-Rich Formula: Seachem Flourish is enriched with a balanced mix of essential micronutrients, including trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids, promoting optimal plant health and growth.

  2. Promotes Lush Plant Growth: The carefully selected nutrients in Flourish support the development of strong roots, vibrant leaves, and robust stems, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your planted aquarium.

  3. Ideal for All Aquatic Plants: Whether you have delicate foreground plants or large background specimens, Flourish caters to the nutritional needs of a wide variety of aquatic plants, promoting diversity in your planted tank.

  4. Supplies Trace Elements: Flourish supplies crucial trace elements like iron, manganese, and zinc, addressing potential deficiencies and ensuring that your plants have all the nutrients required for photosynthesis and growth.

  5. Easy-to-Use Liquid Formula: The liquid formulation of Flourish allows for easy and precise dosing, ensuring that your plants receive the necessary nutrients without the risk of overdosing.

  6. Enhances Leaf Coloration: By providing essential micronutrients, Flourish contributes to the vibrant and natural coloration of plant leaves, creating an aesthetically pleasing and healthy aquatic environment.

  7. Compatible with Most Substrates: Flourish can be used with various substrates, making it suitable for a range of planted aquarium setups, from gravel and sand to specialized plant substrates.

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