Ocean Nutrition Betta Pro

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  1. Optimal Nutrition: Ocean Nutrition Betta Pro provides a well-rounded and species-specific diet, promoting the natural coloration and vitality of Betta fish.

  2. Highly Palatable: The formula is carefully crafted to entice the discerning appetite of Betta splendens. The pellets are designed for easy consumption and digestibility.

  3. Rich in Protein: Betta Pro is enriched with essential proteins to support muscle development, energy, and overall growth, meeting the protein requirements of Betta fish.

  4. Enhanced Coloration: The inclusion of natural color enhancers helps intensify and maintain the vibrant hues of Betta fish, showcasing their full spectrum of colors.

  5. Balanced Formula: The Betta Pro formula ensures a balanced nutritional profile, including vitamins and minerals, to support immune health and enhance the longevity of your Betta fish.

  6. Floating Pellets: The pellets float on the water's surface, allowing Betta fish to exhibit their natural feeding behavior while providing an opportunity for interactive feeding sessions.

  7. Convenient Packaging: Available in user-friendly packaging, Betta Pro makes it easy to dispense the right amount of food, preventing overfeeding and maintaining water quality.

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