Bamboo Shrimp

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  1. Tank Size: Provide a tank of at least 20 gallons or more, as these filter-feeding shrimp require space.

  2. Water Parameters: Maintain stable conditions with a temperature range of 72-78°F (22-26°C), a pH level of 6.5-7.5, and soft to moderately hard water.

  3. Filtration: Effective filtration is crucial to maintain water quality and provide organic particles for the Bamboo Shrimp to feed on.

  4. Aquascape: Create an environment with strong water movement, ample surfaces for feeding, and hiding spots. Plants in the tank help provide hiding and feeding opportunities.

  5. Tank Mates: Bamboo Shrimp are peaceful and compatible with non-aggressive, community fish. Avoid fin-nipping species.

  6. Diet: These shrimp are filter feeders, relying on microorganisms and tiny organic particles in the water for food. Ensure a well-established tank with sufficient food sources.

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