Sera Bettagran Color Food

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Sera Bettagran Color is a specialized fish food designed to enhance the vibrant colors of Betta fish. Developed by Sera, a well-known name in the aquarium industry, Bettagran Color is formulated to provide a balanced and nutritionally rich diet tailored to the specific needs of Betta splendens.

This high-quality food is enriched with natural color-enhancing ingredients, including astaxanthin and carotenoids, which promote the development and intensification of the Betta's natural colors. The carefully selected ingredients also contribute to the overall health and vitality of Betta fish.

Sera Bettagran Color comes in a granulated form, making it easy for Betta fish to consume. The granules are designed to float on the water's surface, allowing Betta fish, which are surface feeders, to readily access and enjoy their food.

Aquarists appreciate Sera Bettagran Color for its focus on both nutrition and color enhancement, providing a well-rounded diet to support the visual beauty and health of Betta fish. Regular feeding with Bettagran Color contributes to the vibrancy and overall well-being of these popular aquarium species.

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