MORE BlackWater Dark Extract 8.5 oz

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SL-Aqua Blackwater Dark Extract is a specialized aquarium additive designed to replicate the natural conditions found in blackwater environments. This extract is formulated to mimic the characteristics of water in habitats with decaying plant matter, creating a dark and acidic environment. The dark tint provides a visually appealing aesthetic to the aquarium while also serving practical purposes.

Blackwater Dark Extract is known for influencing the water parameters by lowering pH and softening water. This is particularly beneficial for fish species that thrive in acidic conditions, such as many Amazonian and Southeast Asian varieties. The extract may also release beneficial organic compounds and tannins into the water, contributing to the well-being of aquarium inhabitants.

Aquarists looking to create a blackwater setup, resembling the conditions of natural habitats, often use SL-Aqua Blackwater Dark Extract as part of their aquarium maintenance routine. It's advisable to follow recommended dosage guidelines and monitor water parameters regularly when using this product to ensure a suitable environment for the aquarium's inhabitants. For detailed instructions and information, users are encouraged to refer to the product's official documentation or contact SL-Aqua for specific guidance.

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